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26 Years

Of Experience


In Making The BestTailored Trip 

Skypillar Adventure is your one stop shop destination for all your touring needs. Skypillar brings your the most adventurous, exotic, thrilling tours which are well planned and executed by passionate professionals.


Every route map will ensure you that you miss nothing and get maximum out of every destination you visit. You can actually enjoy the local culture, flaura and fauna, exotic views and local cuisine and come back a relaxed with an aura around you. We take each and every aspect of touring like stay, food, fuel, hospitals, and every other need into consideration while curating the tour and all you have to do is experience the ride.

Our team of experienced professionals carefully handpicks each of the tour and ensure each tour is well curated to give you an everlasting experience. We have bikes, motorcycles, scooters and many more for your travelling needs.So, book a tour and enjoy the freedom.

It all began in 2011 when Skypillar Adventures initiated the motorcycle rental concept and guided motorcycle tour business. We started with Royal Enfields and have since gone on to become the Ladakh's one of the best motorcycle rental company providing a huge variety of beautifully maintained Royal Enfields and Bajaj Avenger motorcycles to accommodate motorcycle rental or tour experience.

Skypillar is intimately aware of the needs of motorcycle enthusiasts and adventure travelers; we allow one-way rentals and guided tours between our more than 50 motorcycles and touring facilities all located in the most desirable tourist destinations in Ladakh.

Unlike competitors who typically carry only one make, our locations feature all the major touring motorcycles like Royal Enfield 500, RE 350, Bajaj Avenger and Royal Enfield Himalaya  making us a one stop shop for Royal Enfield rentals and Cruiser Motorcycle rentals in Ladakh

5 Years

Of Experience

In Providing Best Motorcycles Tours

Skypillar Adventure Ladakh also contributes to local economy by opening many opportunities for locals to benefit from tourism. We make every effort to purchase locally grown fresh vegetables and employ local people and ponies during the trekking season. Whenever we camp in a village or a pasture we pay a fee for each trekker using the campsite. Locals benefits from homestays and tourist get to indulge in the culture and feel the way of living in pre-medieval houses.  Grazing fees are also paid to the local people for the ponies used during your trek. We will make stops along the way at tea tents run by women's group. Here you can re hydrate, buy locally grown or produced products and help Ladakhi people join the cash economy. 



And Thousands  Of Smiling Faces

What Makes Us Special

Flexible Tours

We are the most flexible company, We create the perfect bespoke itinerary for you. We listen to what you want to do and craft something amazing that exceeds your personal expectations, but not your budget. Just plan a holiday in Ladakh with Skypillar Adventure.

Hassle Free 

Let Skypillar Adventure take the stress out of the holiday planning process. You can be as involved as you want, and you are always in control. Everything paper work and documentations leave it to us. We are striving towards giving hassle free holidays.

Unparalleled Support

Should anything dramatic take place (like a land slide or flood !) and you can’t go on holiday we offer , 1. an alternative holiday of similar standing or 2. a full refund. If you were on holiday and stranded we have a duty of care towards you. The clients we have looked after in these situations are some of our most loyal

Value For Money

Depending on what you're booking, our price will be comparable to what you'd pay by going direct…it might even be cheaper. We make our money by negotiating contracted rates with the hotels, expert guides, activity providers and airlines we work with.

Tashi Yountan

Tashi Yountan

CEO Skypillar Advdnture

Skypillar is a Adventure company and was founded by Tsewang Dorjay, His Son Tashi carrying the heritage as one of the leading Rider in Ladakh Motor marketing industry. Tashi, an avid rider entrepreneur, and tour expert in Ladakh region, believes passionately that there is a better way for bikers to explore Ladakh than how other competitor in the market are providing tours. Skypillar is a culmination of Biker's beliefs.

Although we’ve accomplished a lot in 5 years, we still have a long way to go. Skypillar will not stop improving the biking experience in remote place like Ladakh and make it the most memorable adventure of your life.

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